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September TBR; #ScienceSeptember

A quick look at what's coming up in September. #ScienceSeptember is taking place on Instagram so I hope you join in and tag your science related books. If you participate, be sure to tag me as well so I can share what everyone is reading. On to the books! It's a considerable list so we shall see how we make out.

A foundational book on the power of self development and personal belief. This book would go on to become the basis for many professionals who now speak on the subject. Burning desire, faith, and decisiveness form the bedrock of this book. Taking my time through this one and trying to implement the practices that Napoleon has sworn on.

Two Novella's wrapped up in one by the master Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Notes From Underground is written as a memoir from an unnamed narrator and considered one of the first existentialist novels. The Double sees a government clerk encounter a man that looks like like himself.

Pulitzer Prize winner Annie Dillard brings her writing knowledge to a series of short essays that attempt to explain the life of a writer. Looking forward to diving into this one and perhaps find a glint of inspiration and motivation to keep writing posts for the blog.

Looking at the latest in animal intelligence, this book shows what we know about animals and asks the question that can we really know how smart animals are? As part of #scienceseptember, this book should be a great addition to learn a little more about the animals that surround us.

The second #scienceseptember book, this one looks at the mind of a reader and how reading benefits us all. It also dives back into history to look at how the human brain began to read and what it meant to us as humans. How does reading affect the mind of a child and why is it important that we read to children at a young age?

The question posed in this Edge Organization edited book is "What is your favourite rite deep, elegant, or beautiful explanation?". It then reaches out to many of the top minds in mathematics, physics, psychology, neuroscience, and more, to see what answers come back. This is the epitome of #scienceseptember books as it explores the most interesting theories in science today.

Goleman's influential book on the importance of emotions in our life and how it affects various aspects from health, our careers, and our personal well being. Since being written about, emotional intelligence has spawned various new books in the field of understanding our emotions and ways to understand ourselves. It's interesting to go back and see where the field really started to gain traction.

Bringing the ideas of zen teaching to the ideas of facing difficulties and ultimately living an authentic life. Second time through Ezra's book for me and my goal has been to be more thoughtful about what I'm reading and stew on the ideas rather than just plow through (like I'm sometimes inclined to do). Slowing down in some cases is a way to live a more authentic life. To recognize our need to hurry and get things finished can eat away at our need to take stock of where we are in life.

A book for fans of politics and global happenings, Dr. Aziz writes about the coming legitimacy crisis that will impact the world. As the U.S. loses ground on the international stage, who will lead the international system; who will be the country that others look too and guide future global patterns? Sounds like an interesting look at the future global state. Thanks to Dr. Maha Aziz for sending a copy of this book over to read.

Touted as the first comic book about global politics, Dr. Maha Aziz wrote this book to bring the the global political stage to a younger generation so that they could begin to formulate their own ideas and understandings. Told from the perspective of superhero Sami who lives in various countries all undergoing different political problems, it's a story that can be related to the younger generation while still being relevant to adults as well.

Phew! A long list. An optimistic list for sure so we will see how September plays itself out! Montreal is also going to be on the list this month so looking forward to trying some new breweries out East!

Thanks for sticking along! If you are reading any of these or want to discuss be sure to send me an e-mail or connect with me on Instagram at @books.and.beers!

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