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Do you ever spend any time reflecting on the things that you do during the day or in pursuit of a hobby? Perhaps throwing in a 'Why' every once and a while?

Ryan Holiday's The Daily Stoic reminded me of this very question as I once again start over on the daily reads:

"Find out what you do out of rote memory or routine. Ask yourself: Is this really the best way to do it? Know why you do what you do - do it for the right reasons."

This time around I'm not simply reading though. I've been through these books before with highlights and sticky notes. Now I'm taking these ideas and distilling them into my own thoughts and really thinking about the questions asked. Humble the Poet's book is also one that I've delayed getting through and yet find interesting connections to ideas also playing out in my head as I pick it up again. "Don't bind yourself by the expectations of others; it's not their story to write."

Perhaps the creeping feeling of drudgery is the sense that my routine needs a shuffle and I appreciate everyone's comments from yesterday as I wander down this path.


A reminder to others to take a few minutes to step back and think about the 'Why' in your what. Why you are doing the things you are doing? Hopefully, you can connect that Why to something deep within you. Not the expectations of others but your own story.

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