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February 2020 Reads


A quick look back at some of the books I read this February. Some exceptional books in the pile with notables including Phil Knight's Shoe Dog, Darren Hardy's The Compound Effect, and Dacher Keltner's The Power Paradox.

If you are interested in the reviews, be sure to check out my Instagram page where I've talked about most of these.

As I expand on the website idea, I'm still thinking about ideas to best incorporate the IG posts with additional information. Long-form writing or perhaps just a few additional points. With the upcoming book reviews, I'll take a stab at some additional commentary and see how it goes. Bare with me!

For those interested and who have not been following on Instagram, I'm also doing a finance book a month read and a spirituality/mindfulness book a month read. The Compound Effect was February's finance book of the month and Tim Burkett's Zen in the Age of Anxiety hit on the spirituality/mindfulness.

Be sure to check out the Tim Burkett review below:

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