• Sean

The Arete Mind Reboot

A couple of years back I had this brilliant idea that I'd start a second IG account to focus simply on self-development books. My energy petered out and the page stalled while I watched dozens of other sites blow up in the space. I return to the idea again with a similar notion.

How do we distill books down into the simplest form while being helpful along the way? Not a book summary but much simpler. It's an idea that has gnawed at me since I shuttered the idea. The account still exists here by the way if you want to see where I ended.

It's rather embarrassing to show my goal of 100 posts and stopping on 27 ...

So why do I bring it up here?

I'm thinking of integrating the idea into the Books & Beers account. I'll be playing around with posts here and seeing how the IG account goes. I tried to kill the idea a couple of years ago and yet it still bubbles up from my subconscious on a regular basis.

My template/format as it stands is this:



Key Idea:

Helpful Tip:

Clean Photos. Clear Ideas. Quotes and something helpful.

What are your thoughts? Is the space too saturated to take on something like this? Would you follow?


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