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A little mid-month pick me up...oh right the month is almost over. A pre-month end recap then with a Rumplestoutskin Stout from Outcast Brewing. This beer comes brewed with bourbon barrel aged Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee from Modern Times and you are left with a delicious beer (as usual). 6,5% and loads of flavor; I can't really say much more other than go find yourself a can to try!


Currently reading my way through Ed Yong's I Contain Multitudes which is an incredible look at bacteria from a modern look vs. a "bacteria is the enemy" view and some of this stuff is mind-blowing. Reminds me of reading through The Sixth Extinction a little bit. Each chapter opens a new door on something else that is fascinating to study.


Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon (happy belated birthday!) so far has been an interesting read but I'm only about 40 pages in so hard to nail down where the story is going. Really enjoying the style of writing though (my first Toni Morrison book!)


And of course Robin Diangelo's White Fragility. I'm always a fan of the kind of book that makes you sit back and go "ok, I'm listening." This is that book. I was expecting to be browbeaten but the writing is truly welcoming and doesn't really give you a reason to get upset. Give me all the books that open my eyes to new perspectives and I'm a happy camper. Self-development is a lifelong skill in my opinion and this book is here to help. (I think).

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