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October 2020 Reads

Why do I find it such a task to update the website on a regular basis? Probably because I have some internal expectations of what each and every post should look like. Those expectations then tend to drown out the posts actually getting written.

Then I stumbled across the website Marginal Revolution and appreciated the simplicity of many of the posts and humbled by the amount of content being pumped out! By the way, that link takes you to their 2020 best non-fiction books of 2020 (I have barely scratched the surface of their list!)

So in lieu of trying to write elaborate posts (and then ultimately writing nothing), here is a simple list of the books I read in October. Stay tuned to my Instagram over the coming month for more detailed reviews and I'll try to post a few up here along the way.

Note the links are affiliate links more to support the site than anything! Always appreciate it!

Robert Bolano's By Night in Chile

Steven Pressfield's Do The Work

Steven Pinker's A Sense of Style

Jay Shetty's Think Like A Monk

Jonathan Sacks' Morality

Ben Macintyre's The Spy and the Traitor

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